What women have experienced as a result of completing Women’s ALTER


Nutritional Educator for Youth at 18 Reasons (sf)

Maggie McCloskey

Women’s ALTER program was a sanctuary for me; a place to practice and cultivate clarity, focus, ease, and grace for embodied resilience, empowerment, and leadership in my life. Kate and Maja continually co-created a sacred, safe and non-shaming learning environment which supported me to be vulnerable and truthful. I experienced emotional support, mental support, and a deep sense of belongingness to our Women’s ALTER community.




piano instructor, musician + community organizer

Kristina Soriano

Words cannot express how grateful I am for the benefits of being part of the first cohort of Women’s ALTER this past summer. I have dismantled some self-limiting thoughts and behaviors and am now more courageously vulnerable in expressing my feelings and needs. I recommend Women’s ALTER to a woman who is curious and courageous to make the changes in her life to realize her dreams of being of more benefit to the world.



entrepreneur, Founder of goddess gear

Soleil Acree

I really appreciated the way Maja and Kate created such a warm space to get vulnerable quick. The past four months have me repositioning myself as a leader and healer. I feel balanced, enriched, and excited to continuing weaving the wisdom into my life. Women’s ALTER is an opportunity to observe the thoughts that keep you held back from living your life's intentions and realign with who you really are.


Software engineer

Jules Costa

Each gathering sent me tumbling in a luscious wave of my own self, my dreams and intentions - all in the company of amazingly authentic and willing peers and coaches. ALTER provided me with a safe space to get clear about who I am and what I care about most in this life, as well as with a community to inspire and support me.


holistic medicine practitioner, Rain forest Regenerist, dancer, Community Organizer

Angeline Marsland

When I first joined Women's ALTER, I had dreams and ambitions; however, the constant cycles of doubt, fear, and lack of accountability prevented me from taking authentic action. By discovering my goals as a leader-- and using tools to discern thoughts/beliefs that support me from ones that do not-- I have become productive in areas that fulfill my soul's purpose. I've made pivotal breakthroughs by defining my own measures of success, and practicing small but important habits such as time-management skills. Women's ALTER has allowed me to awaken and integrate my truths into actions, and turn visions into reality.



outdoor education instructor + facilitator

Ariana Kaback

Before ALTER, I was unsure about what I was going to do after I graduated college. Women’s ALTER introduced me to so many tools to help me grow and be empowered to realize I have all my own answers. Kate and Maja add so much truth and beauty to the course, I felt so much support throughout this journey. I now have the power to share my voice and am developing my own Women’s program to support my community and align with my gifts for the world.




Jane Giustino

I am meeting my goals to pay off debt, better communicate with friends, and exercise regularly as a result of completing Women’s ALTER.


yoga teacher + wellness director

Steph Litberg

Upon signing up for ALTER, I was experiencing resignation, frustration, confusion & defeat about my success and reaching my goals. Once the course started, I was given opportunities to look at my behaviors and patterns of thinking that were keeping me from reaching my full potential. I was able to embrace stepping into my role as a leader and contributor to my community. I also was given tools to gracefully navigate the emotional complexity of this growth opportunity and gained a support group of strong sisters to hold my hand through the vulnerability.



Program Manager at Hospitality House's Community Art Program + Photographer

Janet Williams

For a long time I was struggling finding peace and ease at work -I was a woman in a leadership position where before hand there had only been men. Doing the Alter program helped me understand these issues & then equipped me with tools to tackle them. It gifted a cohort of bad ass females to inspire and to make me finally feel supported in the way I needed.